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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Millennium Hilton Bangkok is participating Carbon Offset Program. The program aims to reduce the environment impact of meetings and events held at the 10 participating hotels in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand since 1 October 2012. We will calculate the carbon emissions generated by meetings and events and purchase carbon credits to offset it. These credits will be fully funded by hotels and used to support energy efficiency and improve forest management projects in Cambodia - The Cambodia CookStove Project and Borneo - Borneo Rainforest Rehabilitation Project. Our approach is focused on two areas. To put in place sustainability practices that immediately decrease our use of resources, while at the same time offsetting the greenhouse gases that we emit in the course of our business.

Carbon emission is the most prevalent type of greenhouse gases emission. Huge quantities of greenhouse gases will result in Climate Change also referred to as Global Warming which have far reaching impacts on health, ecosystems, temperature and agricultural production.

Carbon offsetting is the process of measuring greenhouse gas emissions then offsetting these emissions by purchasing carbon credits from projects that have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount. In recognition that no company or individual can completely eliminate their own emissions, it provides a mechanism to fund the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in other places, through the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and land use projects.

Each participating hotel will calculate the carbon emission produced by all events and meetings.
Based on this emission amount, we buy carbon credits in tonnes to offset the carbon emitted.
The carbon credits will be used to support carbon reduction projects through our vendor – Climate Friendly.

Full details of carbon offset program and carbon offset calculation is available through catering / manager.

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