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Pets (Policy)

Pets (Policy)


Service animals are always welcome and must be accommodated.

Enter hotel specific policy.

   Pet Policy:
      - No more than two pets are permitted per guest room.
      - The definition of “Pets” shall be confined to domesticated dogs & cats. The maximum weight of “pet” is limited to 75lbs(35kg). 
      - There will be a service fee of THB 2500.- per stay. This fee will offset the additional cleaning expense incurred. 
      - Additional cleaning or repair charges may be incurred due to pet stains and/or damage. 
      - No pets are permitted in any of restaurants, bars and all outlets of the hotel. 
      - While in public areas, all pets must be enclosed in pet carriers or restrained on a leash. 
      - Owner must be present while any member of the hotel staff is servicing the guestroom (housekeeping, engineering, room service, etc). Pet must be restrained or removed from guestroom while hotel staff is present working in room. 
      - Owner is obliged to inform Front Desk when leaving pet unattended in guest room. 
      - “Pet in room” door hanger signage must be used while leaving pet unattended. 
      - Owner must control pet’s behavior such as excessive barking in order to ensure pet does not disrupt the “quiet environment” of the other guests. 
      - All litter to be removed and disposed properly by guest. 
      - Hotel is not a kennel and is not liable for any injury suffered by pet while on hotel premises. 
      - Owner must control the pet’s behavior such as excessive barking in order to ensure pet does not disrupt the “quiet environment “of the other guests. 
      - Any situation showing that owner is unable to control their “pets” in order. The hotel has the right not to allow them in.

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